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Our solutions help businesses achieve profit growth




Startup small and grow fast

SPay solutions meets every requirement for entrepreneurs. Our One-click solution have transformed many one-man businesses into some of the fastest and successful startups and merchandisers in Nigeria.

Enjoy Accelerated Growth

Operating from a one-man shop or office doesn’t limit you from accepting, multiple and simultaneous payments for what you sell. Because SPay is simple and enables multiple channels, entrepreneurs can reach out to more customers and transact business with more clients than their space can accommodate.

No Limits

SPay takes you to the next level and fast too. Our proven technology has been adapted for just any sales, payment and business application you can venture into. SPay One-click enable entrepreneurs accept payment from just anywhere and anytime, conveniently and securely. The result is always a smile.


We are proud of our partnership and successes with public sector and Government agencies. SPay One-Click payment solution helps government revenue agencies deploy and use innovative revenue and cash collection systems. Today, we stand tall as a government partner and contributor to economic transformation. SPay solution has been deployed to enable and transform revenue collection using multiple payment channels including, mobile POS in rural markets, on the road and across distributed government offices both in Local Government tiers and State head offices. We have helped government arms increase 200% - 300% growth in IGR. SPay revenue collection is convenient, secure and promotes accountability. Our One-Click payment solution works just right for everybody. Using SPay streamlines revenue collections for the government agencies, promotes public confidence in government, eliminates duplication and promotes transparency and accountability. Getting it right is all we do, and we love doing with Government.


Payments solution that
meets all your requirement

SPay enable businesses process, collect payments from customers and streamline entire business processes. Our technology is all about Simple, Secure and Seamless Innovation.

Our solutions help businesses achieve profit growth, deliver amazing customer experience and satisfaction.

Gain Competitive Advantage

SPay solutions is parked with innovative tools out of the box. With just a click, business users can generate reports that give insight into consumer purchase, stock ratios, product appeal, payment and consumer credit patterns.

We Know business

SPay understands business and we know the bottom line is driven by profit margins and customer satisfaction. Our One-Click payment solutions brings simplicity and accountability to just any business. We define payment processing in a new language that appeals to all. Seamless!!! We have collaborated with businesses and acquired unmatched understanding of all business sectors and their verticals. As a trusted trailblazer, spay supports diverse business, from SME’s to large enterprise. Some of the biggest companies in FMCG, Finance, Entertainment, Retail, Agriculture and Transport sector’s work with us, trust us and depend on SPay to drive their revenue, sales and strategic business operations. SPay transforms business ideas and challenges with technology into capabilities. Our efforts deliver mind blowing innovative payment solutions and services that help our clients scale their business and grow profits, win new customers and achieve amazing customer trust and satisfaction.