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Our payment API deliver unbeatable customer payment experience and success.



Transform your
Opportunities with SPay.

SPay Payment API suites delivers unbeatable customer payment experiences and success. Using SPay is so easy, just anybody can put it to use without hassles. SPay provides the fastest way to integrate payment processing, seamlessly, across platforms, into web portals, mobile apps and just any project. SPay payment platform and REST API is virtually free without coding, No boundaries and we charge developers and partners nothing.

Awesome Capabilities
Leveraging on SPay technology
to achieve more.

Developers love us. SPay’s support for partners and developers is Awesome !!

  • • You get detailed documentation for all our API’s, including use scenarios
    and capabilities, customization and integration codes.
  • • Setup and Deploy within minutes.
  • • Earn instant credit with every SPay API deployed and used.
  • • Receive and Transfer earnings instantly.
  • • Set automatic payment split.
  • • Resolve Checkout transactions real-time with SPay Transaction Visor.
  • • Generate transaction, customer, security and payment conversion reports real-time.
  • • Integrate and run sophisticated analytics.
  • • Marketing and Presentation Templates are free anytime.
  • • Free Developer Tools with Testing and POC Staging platform.
  • • Monitor multiple API and platform performance real-time from One Dashboard.

With SPay, scale or complexity is never an issue, whether building a one off or delving into large or complex financial project with cross platform integration. SPay gives you everything and more to achieve your dream. Build your own loyal customer base with SPay Our Platform is elastic, virtually scales to infinity. Quality and Testing
Quality drives reputation and we love to see our developers exhibit this because it’s part of our DNA. Developers can access and enjoy added benefit collaborating with us. SPay offers partners Sandbox platforms, you can create staging areas by launching app installations mapped on pre-mapped domains.