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Simple Plugin

Generate payment integration
script for your products

We are happy to enable your payment processing in three simple steps. Use the guide to allow your site to start receiving payments through our multi-channel platform in three easy steps. Get it done within twenty minutes or less. Thanks for choosing us as your payment partner.

Generate Code

Generate Unique
Secure Code


Click on the "Generate Now" button to create the encrypted and unique code that enables you to connect with our secure channels for your payment processing needs.

Copy Code

Copy out the Code


Copy out the code, to ensure you have successfully copied the secure plugin correctly.

Paste Code

Paste It on Your
Site Location


Go to your preferred site location where the payment processing will be required to enable our secure plugin to assist with a seamless connection with our servers.

Start Receiving Money

Start Receiving
Payments with Ease


Welcome onboard to our payment processing multichannel platform. Start sharing your different auto-generated channels for seamless payment collections. Tell someone about us today.