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We deliver innovative value to bridge the gap between payer and payee


SPay Solutions

At SPay, we believe in evolving beyond physical boundaries, capabilities and ideas. Our solutions enable you watch your business transform and evolve into new markets. Local or Globally ? we have got you covered. We offer straightforward payment solutions that works across multiple platforms, seamlessly with security guaranteed. With SPay, the user experience is great, and you can do more than just these few options.

Take Online Payments
Securely Anytime, Anywhere.

With the rise in mobile penetration across Africa and adoption of mobile applications by financial services, businesses and consumers in physical markets and online shoppers worldwide, are on the lookout for payment gateways they can trust. Platforms that can deliver innovative value to bridge the gap between payer and payee is critical to expanding global economy and commodity markets.

Whether you sell locally or across borders, SPay makes it easy to transact business and accept all major payment methods anywhere your business pops-up. We don’t think local is good enough. With Spay, your customers and business can be Anywhere, Anytime, across borders and No boundaries.


Wherever you leave your footprint, count on SPay solutions to maximize your revenue. Selling adverts and earning money through apps on Google and Apple App Stores are just a pinch of what we help you grow. SPay provides secure solutions and support for acquiring market data and revenue collection through our plug-ins.

SPay plugin is simple to setup and you earn instantly. If your business doesn’t already have a mobile app, it might be time to think about developing one.

Ecommerce Apps

Accept and receive card payments easily from customers, with a clean and easy to integrate One-Click Plugin. Use one click checkout form on your ecommerce portal, private or merchant sites to make shopping and payment experience a breeze for your customers.

SPay Payment solutions offer unrivaled functionality, enabling our customers and retail shop business owners utilise our web solutions to reach out to their market and grow customer loyalty.

Key Benefits

  1. Affordable cloud services tailored to e-Commerce needs
  2. Wide range of security products to protect virtual asset
  3. Premium bandwidth to cope with most demanding web traffic

More Security

Security is in our DNA, and we live by it. SPay is built on proactive security and controls. 
We adopt the highest operational standards and practices to secure your data, transactions and the customers using our platform and solutions. Adopting Adaptive Risk Management systems with AI able to sense, detect and repel attacks is just part of our security strategy. SPay employs multiple platform instances and maintains a strong defense against denial-of-service attacks through a combination of Adaptive Network Security Routes, Cloud Front, Web Application Firewall Services and state of the art AI Security. Our Clients trust us and bother less about security loose ends, because by default our services and operations at SPay complies and meets

  • • PCI DSS (up to Level 1)
  • • ISO 27001
  • • SOX

Privacy is your right

Turn to SPay, if you have need for ensuring privacy and encryption. We employ vormetric transparent encryption, securing and ensuring your transaction pipe is encrypted end-to-end.

Managed Web Apps

SPay provides the right tools and platform to help you with your business software needs. Making the wrong choice can cause not only wasted time, effort and money, but could potentially lead you into undesired vendor lock-in, making the process of changing into a better aligned software or app more challenging. This is where we step in to provide our clients with professional guidance, technology expertise and the best solution for the businesses. SPay places high premium on quality and performance, this justifies why our developer’s carryout rigorous, needle eye inspection and tests for each piece of code developed. Our commitment to performance is guaranteeing 99.9 % Service availability and developing seamless integration API components that delights our customers, developer partners and gives unmatched user experience. We developed our platform on robust architectures run out of Azure and AWS inelastic cloud infrastructures. We also boost our availability with geographical redundant services, we monitor 24/7 across every data exchange our customers and transactions pass through. Enjoy our world class proven availability, experience superior performance.

School Solutions

SPay has being partnering with education sector long enough to understand the challenge of payment collection and we have solved this and many more educational tech needs.

Collect Fees and Receive Payment without Boundaries

SPay one-Click solution simplifies payment collection and makes transactions easy, safe and seamless. It doesn’t matter, what channel or method is adopted. Our payment platform supports local and foreign payments too, with transaction trace and reconciliation tools.

Secure Payment Management

Offer your clients, students and sponsors a convenient way to pay fees, securely, on-time and with guarantee. Collect school fees online through web site, a custom mobile app or an affiliate quickly and securely too. Integrate SPay with your finance team and enjoy our promise. Simple, Secure and No boundaries.

SPay Advantage

Whether you’re a school owner, educator going into education business or a school management organization building platforms for education institutions, SPay guarantees you success when you start with us. SPay offers one-stop, innovative solution that automatically transforms payment collection and management of transactions a breeze. Leaving you to focus on delivering Education and delighting your parents and sponsors.

SPay has being partnering with education sector long enough to understand the challenge of payment collection. We have solved this and many more educational tech challenges.

Hospital solutions

Hotels are not just a local rest place. Hospitality is evolving on a global scale and we can take you just everywhere. SPay provides the best checkout that allows your guests to pay using mobile operators locally in Nigeria and across Africa Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Americas.

Gain Competitive Advantage with SPay

With SPay hotels go global. Accept local and international payment, fast, securely and conveniently locally and from customers across 150 countries and territories. Adopt SPay Solutions and become more visible to a larger market, achieve faster market penetration and watch your hotel transform into an international hospitality group.

Why using SPay Matters

SPay solutions helps hotels, travelers and guest enjoy the best of convenience, quality. And luxury. We have a suite of integrated solutions that makes SPay a one stop shop for hotel business owners and operators.

SPay One-Click API enables hotels transform web presence into full business office.

  • • Accept instant payment from guest’s online and confirm room reservations.
  • • Convert reservations instantly into cash earnings
  • • Gain visibility into customer identity and status of customers
  • • Increase hotel market penetration and customer acceptance
  • • Offer your guest unrivaled convenience they deserve.